October 20, 2020

With fall arriving, the leaves are changing colors, grocery stores are stocking pumpkins en masse, and the brutally-hot weather is cooling down. With cold weather, however, comes higher heating costs. Check out these five tips for saving energy this fall.

Investigate Potential Window Leaks

Unfortunately, windows are prime suspects for air leaks. Checking for leaks is easier than you might believe. On a windy day, turn off your home’s combustible appliances, including furnaces. Next, light an incense stick or a candle. Slowly pass your incense or candle around edges of windows, doors, and other potential leak sites. Add caulk or weatherstrips to these areas.

Try Using a Smart Thermostat

Although they’re not as common as smartphones, smart homes are gaining popularity. Whether your home is hooked up to the Internet of things or not, a smart thermostat can reduce your household’s utility costs. Have our Sparks-based technicians at Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical install your home’s smart thermostat.

Use Sunlight to Warm Your Home

After sunrise, open windows facing the sun to welcome sunlight into your home. This tried-and-true strategy is simple, not to mention free. At dusk, close blinds, curtains, and drapes to block out cold air.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans’ blades are angled to draw warm air upward when rotated counterclockwise. This mode is ideal for warmer times of the year. To save energy this fall, make sure your homes’ ceiling fans spin clockwise. If you don’t know how to switch ceiling fan modes, use a ladder or chair to get eye-level with your fan’s housing assembly. This connects the fan to the ceiling. After finding the switch, simply change it. While you’re up there, go ahead and dust your fan blades.

Look Into HVAC Maintenance

Central HVAC systems are underappreciated facets of modern homes. They’re so reliable that many people tend to forget about them. Without regular maintenance from a technician, however, your heating system can lose power and reduce energy efficiency.

Trust us, Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical, to tune-up your home’s heating system. Call our office in Sparks, NV, today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services.

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