Do you think of AC maintenance in Reno, NV, as an investment? A visit from Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical certified HVAC technicians brings your air conditioning system closer to being as new as possible. Well-maintenance AC equipment performs better, uses energy more efficiently, and lasts longer.

    Each AC tune-up ensures that you’re getting the most from your system with clean heat transfer coils, powerful airflow, and reliable operation. As the technician tests and adjusts your HVAC equipment, they also note any issues that could use attention.

    After your air conditioning maintenance, you’ll be ready for the summer heat with trusted, efficient cooling. If there are any developing problems noted by the technician, you’ll have a chance to take action before you rely on the AC in triple-digit heat this summer!

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    If my AC isn’t broken, why take the time for air conditioning maintenance?

    Preventive air conditioning maintenance care and regular AC tune-ups pay off right away and into the future. If your Reno system is due for repairs, you can schedule them at your convenience and even avoid breakdowns. Replacing a filter, swapping out a tired fan motor, or addressing refrigerant leaks are better done before they cause inefficiency and increased wear as well.

    Our experienced AC maintenance professionals provide services like:
    • Careful cleaning of delicate evaporator and condenser coils
    • Electrical reliability testing
    • Filter replacement and IAQ feature maintenance
    • Thermostat check
    • Refrigerant leak “sniffing”

    Your AC may work for years without AC maintenance, but chances are its service life will be shorter. By scheduling Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical air conditioning maintenance as part of your pre-summer activities, you can ensure your family and guests stay cool and your energy bills stay as low as possible!

    Issues in one section of your air conditioner can affect others. Airflow problems from a clogged filter can result in evaporator coil icing from low airflow, and urgent AC repairs. Low refrigerant will eventually cause compressor wear or even failure. Preventive AC maintenance works!

    Your Reno AC Tune-Up Professionals

    Family owned and operated since 2000, Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical is your trusted source for HVAC, plumbing, and other home services in Reno. We’re BBB A+ rated, and trusted Lennox and Mitsubishi experts providing service for all your HVAC equipment.

    Our certified technicians are trained and experienced on the latest AC technologies and legacy equipment, providing the right air conditioning maintenance for your home.

    We’re courteous, careful, and clean up when we’re done, making an AC tune-up visit from our Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical team smooth, professional, and productive!

    Reliable, efficient cooling is the result of regular AC maintenance in Reno. Call Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical and schedule yours today!