December 20, 2022
Furnace in Sparks NV

It is costly to keep your indoor climate within a comfortable range throughout the year. You might be surprised that heating a home during the winter can cost two, three, or four times more than cooling it in summer. That makes finding long-term cost reductions crucial in today’s economy, and a good starting point is comparing boilers to furnaces. Let’s look at which of these systems are cheaper to run.

Comparative Cost Analysis

All things equal, a boiler moves the same amount of heat more efficiently than a furnace. Water is cheaper to heat than gas or oil and can hold more heat than air as it moves throughout your home. That means a boiler will use less energy than a furnace to produce the desired indoor temperature.

Efficiency Advantages of Boilers

The efficiency of a boiler doesn’t stop there. Boilers use water pumps to circulate hot water, while furnaces use fans to propel the heated air. Water pumps use less energy to push water through the system when compared to the energy required to move the same amount of BTUs (a unit of thermal heat) through the air with a fan. You might save as much as 10 percent when comparing the two methods, which brings you lots of savings over the system’s lifetime.

Maintenance Considerations

Maintenance and upkeep costs tend to favor boilers as well. These systems don’t require scheduled filter replacements and have fewer moving parts that can break down over time compared to a furnace. While both systems should receive regular tune-ups, boilers are more maintenance-free than furnaces.

Let Our HVAC Professionals Help

If you are looking at installing a new boiler, or repairs and maintenance on an existing system, we can help. Our team has provided cooling, heating, plumbing, and other services since 2000. From seasonal HVAC inspections and tune-ups to custom-designed radiant systems for your home, our experience and top-rated customer service help us stand out with our customers. Contact Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical today for more information about our services in Reno, Sparks and the surrounding areas.

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