January 5, 2021

Clogs in kitchen and bathroom drains not only aggravate homeowners, but they may also lead them to worry about overflows and other plumbing problems. Retail stores offer a quick solution to clogs: chemical drain cleaners. Is it wise to use chemical drain cleaners, though? When a plunger fails, turning to chemical solutions might not be the wisest next step.

The Trouble With Chemical Drain Cleaners

The contents of liquid drain cleaners are formulated to dissolve the source of a clog. Unfortunately, these ingredients may also cause damage to the pipes. This damage might not be severe the first time the drain cleaner is used, but repeated applications could continue to degrade and damage the plumbing. A breach in your drainage system is a severe issue, and it could even lead to other problems. In this case, replacing the damaged pipe would be unavoidable.

Stubborn clogs may require skillful hands and special tools. A professional plumber might use an auger snake to break up the obstruction. Avoiding harsh chemicals decreases the chance that your pipes suffer any unnecessary damage.

Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical is always prepared to help Reno and Sparks residents with their plumbing problems. Trust us to clear any drain clog you encounter, and we’ll do it without damaging your pipes. We can also repair any damage that has already occurred.

Not Always Effective and Sometimes Dangerous

A chemical drain cleaner might not even be up to the job of clearing out a clog. These products commonly work only on organic matter, and they may be ineffective against whatever is blocking your drain. When a drain cleaner doesn’t seem to work, a typical response involves pouring more of it down the drain. Doing so could create a hazardous situation in which people inhale the fumes. Besides that, these harsh chemicals may splash onto the skin or into the eyes. Why take such risks?

Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical in Sparks, NV, will come to the rescue. Our experts offer a complete spectrum of plumbing services, including installation, maintenance and repair. We also provide the same full range of heating and cooling assistance. Our team boasts 30 years of combined experience. For any of those options, call us today.

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