Faucet Repair & Replacement in Reno, NVA broken faucet is the headache of many a homeowner in Reno, NV, and faucet repair is where our plumbers from Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical come in. We not only repair faucets but perform faucet replacement as well. It doesn’t matter what the make or model is or whether it is a compression faucet, disk faucet, rotating ball or cartridge faucet, wall-mounted, or some other type, we pride ourselves on our expertise in both repair and installation.

    Quality Faucet Repair Experts in Reno

    Faucet repair and replacement can be simple or complex. It might be a matter of replacing a worn-out O-ring or a washer to stop a frustrating and costly leak. Other customers want to replace their old faucets with ultramodern waterfall designs that have LED lights changing color depending on the temperature of the water flowing through. Some want faucets installed in the walls to serve vessel sinks or to fill up stockpots on the stove, a complicated process that may mean installing new plumbing inside the wall’s structure. We usually take the faucets in our home for granted, but they’re crucial pieces of equipment we rely on constantly.

    Quality Faucet Repair Experts in Reno

    Common reasons for faucet repair or faucet replacement:
    • The desire for something new
    • A corroded or malfunctioning faucet
    • Persistent leaks that cause annoyance and cost money
    • A new addition to the residence that requires another faucet
    • An outdated faucet doesn’t fit with the decor of the kitchen or bath

    Whatever you want to be done with your faucet, our plumbers at Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical can make it happen.

    Exceptional Faucet Replacement You Can Trust

    Our plumbers at Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical have been serving customers in the Reno area since 2000. They not only pride themselves on their skills but also make sure to keep abreast of all the latest trends in plumbing, including techniques for faucet repair and faucet replacement. Whether the job is simple or complex, our experienced plumbers take the time to do outstanding work. Besides being highly skilled, they are also punctual, courteous, and tidy, and tidiness matters when it comes to a potentially messy job like repairing or replacing your plumbing.

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    Don’t hesitate to call Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical today to schedule your faucet repair and replacement in Reno!