Give your furnace a fresh start every year with heating maintenance in Reno, NV. You’ll appreciate the renewed performance as winter’s cold sets in and avoid problems with carbon monoxide and other combustion emissions. Using advanced test equipment, the HVAC technicians at Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical adjust peak operation.

    Legacy heating equipment and modern furnaces respond to the care of our well-trained team. A careful heating tune-up and check of your heat exchanger address safety issues and maximize your energy efficiency.

    Thorough inspection and testing during heating maintenance provide a pre-season check of startup components like the ignitor, inducer, and safety sensors. When customers call for a midwinter repair, these are some of the more commonly replaced items. If they’re not ready for another season, you can arrange service at your convenience.

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    Does heating maintenance provide more than efficient furnace operation?

    The better your furnace heats your home, the less it has to operate to keep you warm. That saves energy and reduces wear on your HVAC system. A furnace maintenance visit before the heating season begins addresses combustion, fuel supply, air handling, and electrical issues.

    Our experienced furnace maintenance professionals check:
    • Combustion products
    • Heat exchanger integrity
    • Air filter and IAQ features
    • Thermostat operation
    • Startup sequence and ignitor

    Modern furnaces use advanced technology for safety and efficiency, requiring careful maintenance to make sure they operate reliably. Your heating maintenance visit helps your heater maintain comfort in your home, even when winter temperatures make it work hard.

    Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical technicians can let you know if your furnace needs repairs, and answer questions about whether it’s a good time to look at newer, more efficient heating equipment.

    After a heating tune-up, there’s often a difference in flame color as fuel is consumed with greater efficiency and the maximum amount of heat is produced. Flue gasses are minimized, and you’ll notice that odors you may have noticed during last season’s operation aren’t present.

    Your Reno Heating Tune-Up Team

    Since 2000, at Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical our family-owned and operated business has been keeping Reno families warm with peak performance from their heating systems. Our heating maintenance technicians are equipped with excellent training and arrive with advanced testing equipment.

    We’re experienced with a wide variety of heating systems, and specialize in Lennox and Mitsubishi HVAC gear for your home. We’re BBB A+ rated with great customer reviews. You’ll appreciate that our combined technical and service excellence result in a great experience every time we visit!

    Give your heat a head start into winter with a Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical furnace maintenance visit in Reno. Call today and schedule yours!