May 17, 2022
Drain Snake in Sparks, NV

Clogged drains are a common issue that can often be fixed with baking soda and vinegar or a sink plunger. If you’re experiencing a tough blockage that won’t seem to budge, you may consider using a plumbing snake. This is a quick and easy guide on how to use a snake to remove a clog.

Plumbing Snake Directions

Start by clearing the sink area of any hair traps or debris that could damage the snake. Hold the tool by the handle and put the other end directly into the drain. You’ll have more control of the snake if you hold it closer to the drain entrance. Rotate the tool clockwise as you work it deeper into the sink.

You’ll eventually come to a point where the snake doesn’t want to go further. This indicates you’ve reached the clog, and it’s time to pry it free. Twist the tool until you break through the clog. Once the debris is removed or in pieces, you’ll find it easier to move the snake through the drain.

Pull the snake out slowly so that none of the debris falls back into place. Remove any solids or hair from the tool as it comes up. Once the snake is fully removed, run water to test that the clog is fully gone. It may take a few seconds or minutes to drain freely. If it’s still not draining at all, you’ll need to repeat the process. Call in a professional plumber if the clog gets pushed too far down or won’t break apart.

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