April 5, 2021
Leaky Pipes

You may be searching for ways to reduce your monthly water costs if you feel overwhelmed. Missing your monthly water bill payments can affect your credit. Therefore, it’s paramount to analyze your water usage and cut on unnecessary usages to make your bills more affordable and enable you to make payments without breaking the bank. You can consider these options to cut your water usage and lower water bills.

Collect Rain Water

Collecting and using rainwater will reduce water usage in your home. Therefore, the next time it rains, consider collecting and storing rainwater in large containers. You can use the water for laundry or to water your garden.

Run Full Loads of Laundry and Dishes

An effective way of reducing water usage in your home is loading your dishwasher and washing machine fully before running it. Running a complete washing machine or dishwasher load reduces the number of times you operate it, which reduces water usage. Besides, a half cycle of dishwasher or washing machine uses the same water as a complete cycle.

Take Shorter Showers

Cutting off even two minutes from your shower time can have impressive savings. The long luxurious shower you enjoy at the moment could spike up your water bill. You can save your water usage by limiting your showers to at least five minutes or reduce the shower frequency.

Repair Leaky Faucets

Most people overlook a leaky faucet because it’s just a few drops leaking from the tap. Unfortunately, the few drops add up over the months, and you only notice that in your water bills. Consider hiring a plumber to fix a leaky faucet immediately you notice it to prevent water loss and high water bills.

Water Your Lawn at the Right Time

You can reduce water loss by watering your lawn at the right time to reduce the evaporation rate. Water evaporates quickly during the hottest times of the day. Therefore, it’s wise to water your lawn in the evening or morning so that you can reduce water evaporation waste.

Don’t hesitate to use these tips if you notice an increase in your water bill. Call our plumbers in Sparks, NV, to inspect and repair your plumbing system for any faults causing a high water bill. We are experienced with heating services, boilers, pressure testing, solar installations, and vacuum lines. Do you want to save on water bills in your home? Call our team at Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical today.

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