Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical has an exceptional track record for plumbing in Carson City, NV. We perform thorough and long-lasting work on water supply pipes, drain lines, and water heaters. On top of the plumbing in your home, we provide heating and AC services throughout the area. Our plumbers and technicians repair, maintain, or replace any of these systems crucial for your indoor comfort.

    Carson City Plumbing Repair and Installation

    Every day our experienced plumbers solve problems related to leaks, running toilets, or a lack of hot water. We stock our trucks with the tools and parts to remedy any issues involving your sinks, showers, or water-using appliances. We can quickly fix a running toilet, broken pipe, or leaking hot water heater.

    Choose our professional plumbers for:
    • Faucet repair or replacement
    • Toilet repair or replacement
    • Hot water heater replacement
    • Tankless or tank hot water heater repair
    • Gas line installation
    • Pressure testing
    • Boiler repair or maintenance
    • Radiant heat installation

    We happily take assignments of any scope from a small repair to major remodeling. Our attentive plumbers listen to your concerns. We investigate the malfunction and explain what needs to be done to fix it. For new installations, we observe building codes and use high-quality parts.

    Quality Heating Repair and Installation

    Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical puts an end to your frustrations with an unreliable furnace or boiler at your house in Carson City. Our repair technicians will recognize the symptoms that you report and find the broken part. To diagnose the problems fully, we test the entire system. This practice enables us to identify all issues and perform long-lasting repairs.

    Signs that your heating needs repair:
    • Loud noises during operation
    • Strange odors
    • Inexplicable rise in utility bills
    • Furnace turns on and off frequently
    • Poor air flow

    You don’t have to wait for a breakdown to call us. We maintain furnaces and boilers. A seasonal inspection and tune-up improves performance and lengthens the lifespan of the equipment. Regular maintenance cuts down on wear and tear because we clean and lubricate moving parts. Clean parts experience less friction. This in turn leads to smoother operation.

    Should you need a new furnace or you’re building a new home in Carson City, trust us for expert installation. We install highly-rated Lennox products that have a great reputation for efficiency and indoor comfort. After you consult us about a new furnace or boiler, we will gladly write a detailed quote.

    Carson City Cooling Experts

    You have much to gain by contacting Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical about your air conditioning concerns. Cooling equipment gets a workout in our warm climate and needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns. Ideally, you will ask us to maintain your system prior to a breakdown. You can schedule maintenance at a convenient time. Our tune-up will help your air conditioner run at maximum efficiency.

    When the cool air stops, turn to us for rapid repairs. We have technicians ready to dispatch to your location every business day.

    During a repair call, we check:
    • Refrigerant levels
    • Evaporator coil for dirt
    • Blower motor and belts
    • Expansion valve
    • Air ducts

    In this way, we locate the dirt, clogs, or broken parts ailing the AC system. We always explain the cost of the repair and wait for your approval before performing repairs.

    Trusted Plumbing and Home Comfort Professionals

    Our family-owned company stands by our work. The principle of 100% customer satisfaction guides all of our actions. We know the importance that you place on your home. For this reason, we uphold the highest workmanship standards. We stay up to date on all applicable building codes and manufacturer guidelines. As a result, our plumbers and heating and AC technicians routinely receive excellent customer reviews.

    For plumbing and other home services in Carson City, contact Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical today.