Reliable air conditioning repair in Reno, NV is critical when temperatures rise significantly in the summer. Notably, temperatures during the hot months can get as high as 81 degrees Fahrenheit in this area. Therefore, your AC unit should be in top shape to ensure your home remains cool and comfy. And in case your cooling system has a problem, you need an experienced, well-trained Reno AC repair professional who can get your appliance up and running quickly. This way, you’ll always have that perfect cool breeze once you get home.

    Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Reno NV

    No homeowner wants to have a troublesome AC unit with incredibly high temperatures on a hot day in Reno. However, your cooling system can malfunction just like any other appliance in your house, especially when you fail to schedule professional maintenance. You can avoid these inconveniences by being on the lookout for some of the common warning signs of a possible air conditioning malfunction to prevent a sudden breakdown.

    If you notice your air conditioner has started making loud and unusual sounds, it needs professional attention. Clanking, scraping, wheezing, or banging noises may result from a broken compressor, faulty fan, or even cracks in your unit. Also, bad odors coming from your AC unit when you turn it on indicate something wrong with your equipment. In some worse cases, it may be a harmful gas released in your house that can be dangerous to your loved ones. Also, if you notice water pooling or dripping continuously around your cooling unit, it may result from a damaged condensate pan or a blocked drain pipe. Additionally, an air conditioner that frequently turns on and off is another key indicator that you need to call a Reno AC repair expert immediately. Also, watch out for unusual cooling in your house because it may signify a faulty compressor.

    Here are four benefits of scheduling timely air conditioning repair Reno services with a professional.
    • Extends lifespan of AC unit
    • Enhances system performance
    • Prevents further problems
    • Increases system efficiency