February 8, 2021
Water Heater Energy Efficient in Reno, NV

According to the United States Department of Energy, a typical family hot water heater uses about 18% of a home’s total energy. Most families want to minimize the cost of hot water, be environmentally conscious and guarantee sufficient hot water. Taking all this into consideration, there is not one flat answer across the country to the question, “Which is the most efficient hot water heater?”

Fuel Type

Hot water heaters can use lots of different types of energy. Among these are solar, electric, natural gas, propane, and fuel oil. While solar might be a good alternative for the Sparks/Reno area, it probably would not produce enough energy in the Wisconsin winter months. Also, a propane hot water heater may be the best for rural areas where natural gas lines are not installed. In areas where more than one fuel source is available, a comparison of the relative costs could save consumers money.

Heater Type

You are probably aware of the two general types of water heaters. They are the conventional tank models and the tankless, on-demand models. Generally, a tank water heater uses more energy because it is heating a large reservoir of water and keeping it warm. However, the smaller tank heaters tend to be more efficient than large tanks. On-demand, tankless systems can be installed at every source of hot water in a home. Alternatively, one central heating point can use a tankless system. Hot water is then distributed throughout the house with pipes.

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