March 9, 2021

Sewage odors in your Sparks, NV, home’s bathroom are an unexpected surprise. The odors may make you feel nauseated and uncomfortable. Here are some of the reasons why these odors can develop and some tips on what you should do to get rid of them.

P-trap Problem

Water needs to stay in the P-trap piping. If it evaporates, the sewer gases from your main sewer line can seep through the plumbing. The pipe may have a crack in it, or there could be an issue with the sewer.

Broken Toilet Seal or Wax Ring

If the toilet’s seal or wax ring breaks, some of the toilet water or waste gases may seep through the little gap. Gaps or breaks in the caulk can also do this. Although you can replace caulk yourself, it’s best to have our plumbers see if there’s a bigger issue. A failed seal could result in a toilet leak through the floor.

Tree Roots in the Sewer Pipe

If there are trees within 50 feet of your sewer line, their roots could grow into it. Once tree roots penetrate the sewer, they quickly grow. The nutrient-rich wastewater fuels the fast growth of the roots, which will clog the pipe. This will lead to a sewage backup and a bad odor from all the drains in your home.

Sewer or Main Drain Problem

If you notice a strong sewer odor in every bathroom and from every sink, it’s possible that your sewer line may have cracked, collapsed, or backed up. If you also notice a soggy area or unusually green area of your lawn, it’s likely that your sewer line has failed. This requires a professional inspection and repair.

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