June 20, 2023
HVAC installation services

If your AC is old and starting to have significant issues, you probably have concluded that you need a replacement. You may think that attempting a DIY installation will be a good way to save yourself some cash, but this is far from the truth. Here are some reasons why.

1. It Is Risky

Unless you have significant experience in wiring and electricity, you could make mistakes that could result in electrocution or a fire hazard in your home. An experienced technician inspects your home’s electrical wiring to determine if your electrical system can support the demands of the new appliance. They also have the experience and knowledge to hook up your new unit properly to prevent problems in the future.

2. It Is Time-consuming

When you attempt DIY AC installation, there is a lot to learn. You must understand how high-voltage electricity works and how to approach the project safely. In addition, you will have to research how to determine the size of the AC unit you need to cool your home efficiently. It will also take some time to understand how to integrate your new unit into your existing HVAC system to avoid air flow problems or other issues.

After all that work, there is the potential that your cooling system may not function correctly, and you will have to call in a professional anyway. DIY videos on the internet are great for learning how to do some things, but installing a cooling system is not one of them.

3. You Will Void Your ACs Warranty

Most manufacturers require that a licensed professional install an AC unit as part of the terms of your warranty. By installing a new cooling system on your own, you will lose the protections a warranty agreement provides. Unfortunately, this means that if your unit is defective, you will be out the cost of another replacement unit plus the money you just spent on the one you installed.

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