July 17, 2023
Woman in Home Searching for Hydronic System Installation in Sparks, NV

A hydronic heating system is a water-based way to heat your home. This system consists of a boiler, a network of pipes, and radiators or in-floor pipes to distribute the heat. The boiler heats water, and then this hot water is circulated through the pipes, providing a comfortable and efficient heat source throughout your home.

The Hydronic System’s Flexibility

A common misconception is that hydronic systems are solely for heating, but that’s not entirely true. With the correct setup, a hydronic system can also cool your home. The system’s flexibility allows it to adapt to various needs, making it a potentially all-in-one system for your heating and cooling requirements.

How Hydronic Systems Can Cool

The fundamental principle of using a hydronic system for cooling involves running cold water through the same network of pipes used for heating. In the cooling mode, a chiller or heat pump cools the water instead of a boiler.

When this cold water circulates through the system, it absorbs heat from the rooms, effectively reducing its temperature. In-floor systems or chilled beams can be used for cooling. One major advantage of hydronic cooling is its silent operation. Unlike traditional air conditioners, there are no noisy fans or air ducts.

Considerations for Hydronic Cooling

While using hydronic systems for cooling sounds promising, there are some considerations. One is the need for additional components like chillers or heat pumps, which may require a significant initial investment. An additional dehumidification system might be necessary for regions with high humidity levels. This is because the hydronic cooling system, unlike traditional air conditioning systems, does not reduce the moisture level in the air.

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