October 18, 2023
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Updated: April 24,2024

When your furnace first starts acting strange, it may be unclear whether repair service will fix it or if you’ll need a replacement. While many Reno homeowners prefer to opt for cheaper repairs, depending on the condition of your heating system, a new installation could be the better investment. Keep these helpful tips in mind when deciding between furnace repair or a replacement.

Is it Time for Heating Repairs

Repair service is the best choice for your heating issue when you have a relatively new furnace. Newer heating systems are more likely to have small problems that are easier to fix. A technician will probably have no problem replacing a sequencer, pressure switch, or ignitor.

You should always consider the age of your system and the estimated cost of the service when deciding to repair or replace it. If your repair is expected to cost thousands of dollars, consider making the switch to a new furnace instead. Don’t forget to check your manufacturer’s warranty first to see if they’ll cover the cost of the necessary service.

How Often You Need a Heating Replacement

A furnace will often last between 15 to 20 years before it breaks down or can’t produce enough heating. Toward the end of its lifespan, it will require constant repairs potentially several times a year. This can quickly rack up your service costs. Additionally, these repairs may only add a few months of run-time before your furnace breaks down again.

Furnaces more than a decade old that routinely encounter efficiency or heating issues are ultimately better to replace. With a new system, you’ll have access to improved energy efficiency, more consistent comfort and fewer safety concerns.

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