May 13, 2021
person fixing pipe

It’s important to have good plumbing in your residence. A good system is resistant to leaks and will last decades. Fortunately, you have some great options when it comes to pipes.


PEX plumbing pipes have been used in residential construction since the 1990s. This material is very flexible and comes color-coded. PEX plumbing pipes are safe for drinking water. They don’t corrode from minerals or water and can last about 50 years. PEX plumbing pipes usually are red and blue for hot and cold water respectively. They look like hard plastic.


Copper plumbing pipes have been used for over 80 years. They last a very long time and are resistant to leaks. They need to be soldered, so it takes a skilled plumber to install them. When first installed, copper pipes look like new pennies. They become greenish as they get older.

Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical in Sparks, NV, can help you with your home’s pipes. Established in 2000, we have built a team of expert plumbers.


PVC plumbing pipes have been used since the 1950s. They’re lightweight and low-cost. They need careful installation, though, so they don’t crack. They also have a hard time standing up to high water temperatures. PVC plumbing pipes are used for potable water and sewage.


CPVC plumbing pipes are PVC pipes that have additional chlorine added. This makes them better suited to drinking water than regular PVC plumbing pipes. CPVC pipes are easy to install since you just use adhesive.

Gibson Plumbing & Mechanical can take care of all your plumbing needs. We do plumbing repair, tankless water heaters, toilet repair, and replacement and custom-designed radiant systems. We also install, repair, and tune-up heaters and air conditioners. Other services include solar installation, geothermal heating and cooling, ventilation systems, boilers, remodels, and more. Please get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. We’re here to answer all your questions.

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