June 14, 2022
Wet Vent in Sparks, NV

Do you often deal with clogged toilets? Your dry vent system may use pipes that are too small for your household’s needs. Wet vent plumbing has been around for decades but recently made a comeback because of its exceptional efficiency. Here’s what you need to know about wet vents.

Wet Vent Systems

In a traditional dry vent system, you have a pipe for liquid waste and another that brings clean air into the room. A wet vent system uses one larger pipe for both of these purposes. This minimizes the total length of pipe you need during installation and streamlines your bathroom’s plumbing.

Wet vent systems require you to have all bathrooms in your home on the same level. Your toilets have to be the lowest fixture on the pipe so that you don’t deal with any unpleasant smells. The pipes used for these systems are often wider than traditional systems to minimize clogs and other plumbing issues.

Installing a wet vent system comes with a strict set of rules. Multiple plumbing lines can be connected to the same system, but they all must be on the same floor. This system requires specific pipe sizes and installation requirements. You’ll likely have to pull permits to ensure that you’re following all local building guidelines.

The best way to minimize potential issues in your wet vent system is to trust an experienced plumber. Trained experts know which permits to pull and the supplies needed to complete an efficient wet vent system that improves your home’s overall convenience.

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